I have always had a love for beautiful things. This could be attributed to having grown up within the stunning natural wonders of the French Caribbean, or perhaps because I was raised among the sparkle and shine of the fine jewelry business (thanks to my parents who were both jewelers themselves). Regardless of the reason behind it, I can definitely say that my lifelong passion for jewelry, fashion and creative design is ultimately what propelled me to where I am today as the proud owner and founder of Agent Jewel. 

After years of working as a personal jewelry agent for friends and family, I was inspired to start my own jewelry business in 2018 where I could professionally use my talents, and keen eye for detail, to seek out only the very best stones and precious gems for my own collection. I have formerly been described by others as a ‘delicate and refined’ individual, which I believe is neatly and gracefully reflected in every piece of fine jewelry that I help design.

Now living in Miami, FL with my husband and three sons, I bring to you the polished product of my cultivated jewelry background, expertly blended with the fashion trends of today.

Thank you for visiting Agent Jewel and taking the time to learn more about us!